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Prabasi Flavors


Prabasi Flavors is a cookbook written for Bengalis living abroad. This book is a treasure trove of delights for every cook, filled with age-old recipes with new twists, authentic Bengali dishes, fusion food and much more! The Bengali Gourmet provides practical, everyday solutions to the working parent, the busy socialite and the homesick student to reconnect with their roots and inspire creativity in the kitchen.


Gorgeous 250+ page *full color* cookbook

  • 160+ original recipes
  • 130+ color photos
  • 125+ brand new recipes, not available online
  • Foreword by NYT food writer, Indrani Sen.


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"I'm really blown away by the book -- it's just beautiful, and I'm dying to try every single recipe in there. It's exactly the book that I've been wishing existed about Bengali food!" Indrani Sen, NYT food writer


Launched in Atlanta: on June 29th 2012 at RBC 2012

Launched in Seatttle: on July 21st 2012 at Uttoron

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" love with your cook book! Made some dishes like begun pora, crab dhakai (used shrimp instead of crab), kochu pui-shaker ghonto, and the egg chicken roll came out really brings back memories of my time back home(Kolkata). All your recipes are delicious and very convenient to make. Waiting for your next book. Keep up the good work....thanks!" -- Tanushree Chakraborty

It is just amazing that you brought back the memories of my village life some sixty years back and many of the items that my pishima and kottoma (grandma) used to make, specially aam makha (we used to call it aam kashundi).....Thanks for this wonderfull contribution for cooking enthusiasts."-- Debabrata Bhattacharjee

"Chobigulo ashadharon hoyeche...." -- Sandip Ray

"This book is for keeps! My eight year old, after many turmoil with food over the years has finally taken a liking to it. She loves your muglai paratha and has created an advt jingle around it that goes like this………“unlimited supply of muglai paratha… order as many as you can..ting/tong”! " -- Keka Majumdar

I’m totally in love with this book! Colorful, attractive and delectable, are how the recipes in this book. I’ve tried a number of them including Chili Chicken, Stuffed Bells, Lobia with Mushroom, Kofta Pistachio and they have all been outstanding! Filled with quick and easy to cook recipes, this book is a must have for every connoisseur of East Indian cuisine. The book is very attractive with amazing photographs! Thank you so much for this wonderful collection. -- Mou Mukherjee

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About the Author

Sutapa Ray, creator of The Bengali Gourmet, is a well-known name in the world of Bengali cooking thanks to her popular recipe website which has been showcasing, sharing and promoting Bengali cuisine on the web since 1998. The Bengali Gourmet’s online presence provides an invaluable resource, connecting the global Bengali community through a common interest – the love of Bangla Ranna. Experimenting with foods and flavors, mixing things up and trying something new, eating fresh and creating diversity on the dinner plate are her mantras. Now with this handy kitchen manual, you too can celebrate and enjoy the uniquely Bengali way of cooking wherever you are!

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