Here are some recipes from the Bangali-Adda Mailing List Archive

Recipe for shutki (with vegetables):

(VOL 03 NO. 08 Part I February, 1998)

Take handful of shutki (more the better) and boil it in water several
times. Next, chop onions in thin slices (not ad-hoc shape, you got to
have respect for shutki) chop and/or grate two-three large cloves of
garlic and a generous portion of ginger (finely chopped). Fry them all
in a saucepan and when it turns brown add an appropriate amount of
salt, cayne-pepper, turmeric and start cooking the onion in it. If you
like you can add cubed eggplants and/or "danta" stems at this
stage. When the eggplants are almost done, you may even add "kumro"
(or if it is not available, yellow squash) cut longitudinally (not

If it is too dry, add a little more oil if your spouse is not watching
otherwise add a little water. As you begin to cook this, after about a
minute, add your shutki in it and stir the content thoroughly in low
heat. When you are about to take it out, add already fried lima beans
(very large frozen beans) and green kanchalankas slightly broken and
pressed into it. Mix them well and simmer it for about 30 secs and
remove the content from the fire. In Europe, you could get broad beans
like our "chhim" -- this could also be added into the shutki for its
"umph" effect.

- Saumen Sengupta 


Simple loitta shutki recipe:

(VOL 03 NO. 10 February, 1998)

Wash the cut shutki pieces several times with hot water to get rid of
the sand present. Fry the shutki pieces with turmeric and salt. You
can either deep fry them or light if you want more of the 'aroma'. I
keep them medium.  Next, give some dried red chilli 'phoran' in heated
oil. Add chopped onion and fry them. Add some ginger and garlic pastes
in generous propotions. I put more of garlic as I like it that
way. Add turmeric and red chilli powder and 'kashao' the masala. I add
a lot of chilli powder as I love it hot. Then you add the shutki to it
and mix well with the masala. I leave it on low heat for quite
sometime. I found that shutki tastes best in mustard oil. However, if
you are short of it cook in regular oil and pour a little mustard oil
just to enhance the flavor. I hope you like it this way.  Have fun.

- Kamalika Chaudhury

Sutapa Ray